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Breakfast Waffles

Something delicious to start your day


Berry Healthy


Layers of homemade berry smoothy, crunchy muesli and creamy yoghurt, served with fresh fruit of the day and sprinkled with roasted macadamia nuts.
…with a waffle, add 22.00

Sautéed Mushrooms with Scrambled Egg


Crispy Belgian waffle topped with lightly herbed sautéed mushroom and moist scrambled eggs with grilled tomato (brown mushrooms when available)
…with cheese & spring onion baked into your waffle, add 19.00

Breakfast Scramble


Saucy savoury mince topped with scrambled eggs and a sprinkle of grated cheese, served on a crispy Belgian waffle with grilled tomato
…with cheese & spring onion baked into your waffle, add 19.00

Feta and Peppadew ‘Scromelette’


Scrambled eggs tossed with feta and peppadew spinkled with grated cheddar cheese and served on a crispy Belgian waffle, with grilled tomato and rocket

The Waffle House Big Breakfast


Crispy Belgian waffle topped with scrambled eggs, back bacon, fried mushrooms and grilled tomato
…with cheese & spring onion baked into your waffle, add 19.00

Scrambled Egg & Grilled Tomato


Crispy Belgian waffle served with scrambled eggs and grilled tomato
…with regular tea / regular filter coffee / small orange juice, add  17.00

Breakfast Waffle Stack

Crispy Belgian waffle stacked with bacon and drizzled with maple flavoured syrup and grilled tomato on the side
…with 1 waffle 56.00
…with 2 waffles 78.00

Hot Waffle & Preserves


A hot crispy waffle sliced and served with real butter and homemade preserves
…an extra waffle, add 21.00

Side Orders

Fried onion / creamed spinach 21.00
Fried tomato 17.00
Grated cheddar / cheddar cheese sauce / feta cheese 21.00
Sautéed button mushrooms 25.00
Bacon 31.00
Ham / fried banana 23.00
Breakfast mince 24.00

Savoury Waffles

Basmati or Brown Rice is available as an alternative to waffles. Toppings marked with an S are available as a salad, with a V are suitable for vegetarians


Side Main
 V Green salad 31.00 47.00
 V Greek salad 44.00 62.00

Hummus and Avocado


S Creamy homemade hummus served with mixed leaves, fresh avocado slices and drizzled with homemade sweet chilli dressing

Cheese Sauce and Mushroom


A crisp waffle topped with a rich homemade cheddar cheese sauce and mushrooms

Mild Vegetable Curry


A mild mixed vegetable curry with butternut, cauliflower, sweet potato, green beans, patty pans and aubergine fragrantly spiced and finished with coconut milk

Creamed Spinach with Sliced Eggs


A classic combination of homemade creamed spinach with a hint of garlic, topped with sliced boiled egg and cheese sauce

Cheddar Cheese and Tomato


Crispy Belgian waffle filled and topped with grated cheddar cheese, garnished with sliced tomato and pickled onions

Chicken Mayonnaise


Chicken mayo presented on a bed of crisp garden greens, drizzled with a homemade parsley infused mayo

Traditional Bobotie


A lightly spiced South African dish made with pure mutton mince, raisins and apples, baked with an egg custard, served with fresh banana slices and chutney

Chicken Curry


An all time favourite.  Mild curry with tender chicken pieces, served with a poppadum, sambals, fresh banana slices and chutney

Ham, Cheese Sauce and Mushroom


A generous helping of sliced ham layered with homemade cheddar cheese sauce and mushrooms

Chicken a la King


Deboned tender chunks of chicken, fresh peppers and mushrooms lightly simmered in a rich creamy sauce

Steak and Kidney


A traditional style tender beef and kidney cooked in a rich gravy, with fresh potatoes, carrots and green beans

Side Orders

Fried onion / creamed spinach 20.00
Fried tomato 17.00
Grated cheddar / cheddar cheese sauce / feta cheese 20.00
Sautéed button mushrooms 24.00
Bacon 30.00
Ham / fried banana 22.00
Breakfast mince 24.00

Sweet Waffles

Maple flavoured syrup is included in our prices

Without cream / ice cream With cream / ice cream

Plain Waffle



A crisp Belgian waffle freshly made to order

Banana Waffle



A crisp waffle topped with slices of farm-fresh bananas, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar

Hot Dutch Apple



A traditional recipe with Granny Smith apple wedges poached in a light sauce of cinnamon and raisins

Macadamia Nut Waffle



Roasted macadamia nuts baked into a crispy Belgian Waffle

Chocolate Chip Waffle



Explosions of  chocolate chips baked into a crisp waffle
Without cream / ice cream With cream / ice cream

Lemon Meringue Waffle



A zesty custard made with real lemons, accompanied by a crunchy vanilla meringue

Chocolate Mousse Waffle



A rich homemade mousse made with quality chocolate, drizzled with a homemade chocolate sauce

Banoffee Waffle



Fresh slices of locally grown bananas smothered in a rich homemade caramel sauce

Dessert in a Bowl

Sliced banana with cinnamon & sugar 18.00 35.00
Homemade chocolate mousse 39.00 56.00
Hot Dutch apple 31.00 48.00
Lemon Meringue 38.00 55.00
Chunky seasonal fresh fruit salad 54.00 71.00


At the Waffle House we aim to perfect our waffles to every standard measured by our customers individual needs. Please ask your waiter about our Gluten, dairy or egg free waffles. “Menu prices are subject to change at any time.”
View our pdf menu online

Take Aways

Why our Belgian waffles never leave home!

At The Waffle House each of our precious Belgian waffles is unique, produced to order, ensuring each of our newly formed friends receives the delicate care and attention they deserve. Unfortunately old age comes quickly to a new Belgian waffle – a mere 12 minutes from birth! No wonder they fear travelling (hodophobia) to far off places in a common take-away box! We know you love our waffles, and we always want you to enjoy them at their best, so to save you (and the waffle!) any disappointment, we do not to offer them as take-aways. If you would like a take-away as a reminder of your time with us, you are most welcome to order any of our sweet toppings with cream or ice cream, or any of our savoury toppings with rice or salad. Just ask a member of staff who will be delighted to help.

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