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The Early History of Ramsgate

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Today Ramsgate is seen as a quaint, artistic holiday village on the KZN South Coast with its idyllic scenery and unhurried way of life a great attraction to artists and those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The history of Ramsgate shows that this has always been the case.

One of the earliest recorded arrivals in the town is recorded in 1895. Captain Crompton arrived on the shore and established a settlement called Fascadale just slightly inland from the coast. He started a trading store and post office on Fascadale Road (which remains today). The settlement was called Fascadale after a ship that wrecked just off the coast at Southbroom in that same year. The ship was carrying sugar from Lisbon to Mauritius. Much of the cargo was rescued by an early settler, Mr Mitchell who is said to have used some of the wood salvaged from the ship in the construction of his home on the Bushy Vales farm not much further inland.

Perhaps the most famous early settler was a man called Paul Buck who settled on the Southern Bank of the iBilanhlolo River (on the opposite bank to the Waffle House). The  iBilanhlolo River (the marvellous Boiler) got its name from the powerful currents that tun through it and churn up the water creating bubbles. Buck has been described as romantic character who spent his time writing, painting, rearing tropical fish and making violins. He was the first person to christen the river “The Blue Lagoon”.

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