A Room Full of Treasures

There is also an interesting selection of functional and decorative gifts to choose from.

In 1967 the Independently - owned Gaze Gallery was developed and opened adjacent to the Waffle House in a building originally planned for extra seating. Our first artists were Errol Boyley, Tita Faschiotti, Tony Strickland and  Lucy and Brian Wiles. In those early days it was the only Art Gallery on the South Coast and sold only paintings and sculpture. As other galleries developed, it was necessary to diversify and start to handle ceramic, glassware and other crafts.

For locally produced quality curios you can also visit The Basket Shop. This outlet for local basket makers, and crafters was started around the same time as the Gaze Gallery.  Its objective then was to give the local crafters an outlet for their products.

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email: gallery@wafflehouse.co.za