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Food Review: Waffles of substance

Siphiliselwe Makhanya wrote this wonderful review for The Times Live… Ramsgate’s Waffle House serves up the food of good family-holiday memories. The café and restaurant specialises in Belgian-style waffles heaving with your choice of sweet or savoury... read more


Known as our human computer, Gloria has an incredible ability to coordinate, communicate and process every order that comes into the kitchen.  She works closely with the production team to ensure savoury, sweet and salad waffles go out in a coordinated fashion to the... read more


This well-known front-man has been serving our customers with amazing consistency since 1991.  Now the ‘wise old man’ of our waitering team, Hilton’s wicked sense of humour and contagious giggle is well balanced with his focus and ability to keep his team on track. ... read more

Going Green – Literally

Some people love change and some people just love to resist it.  Either way as we all know, change is one of the only guarantees in life.  And here at The Waffle House we love change, but we aim to do it as subtly as possible so that we never change that relaxed... read more


Siyoni heads up our scullery team. She’s been with us for 22 years and is a feisty master of her discipline. Every cup, glass and plate moves through her area with precision, coming out the other end ready to serve another of our dear customers. She’s also responsible... read more


Walter heads up our chef team. He has been with us for 9 years. He keeps the food production ticking along nicely and ensures customers always get what they want. He has a “no running out of menu items” policy and he’s a whizz at making sure he achieves... read more

Things to do and see in Ramsgate

A visit to Ramsgate is always a treat. Not only do we have a glorious Blue Flag Beach, but a ton of other activities and venues for you to enjoy. There is so much to do, so many unique places to see that will make your visit truly special and memorable. Below we have... read more

A Celebration of Future Generations

Our children are so vitally important to the future of our world. Their radiant smiles and bright minds should be protected and nurtured in order for them to make their mark on the world in years to come. 20 November 2013 is International Children’s Day. It is a day... read more

Minister of Tourism launches blue flag season

Crashing waves, beautiful marine life, the fresh salty breeze and unique plant life are just some of the things that the ocean gives us every day. Since 1988, the government has been driving awareness around the coastal environment in SA and what we can do to conserve... read more
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