Going Green – Literally

Some people love change and some people just love to resist it.  Either way as we all know, change is one of the only guarantees in life.  And here at The Waffle House we love change, but we aim to do it as subtly as possible so that we never change that relaxed atmosphere that you’ve told us you enjoy so much. photo 2As we strive to ensure our products and work methods become more environmentally friendly, we’ve also decided to change our look a little, a nice freshen up to keep things interesting – and green.  Our facelift has been going on for some time now, so if you’ve visited us over the last few months you will have seen new table colours, new counter colours, and now new wall colours.  This process of change has truly been an organic one, and we’re very grateful that our customers have been patient with us.   We’re nearly finished!  Our next challenge is our uniforms.  We’re having fun developing the look so check us out in another month or so and tell us what you think.