Holiday time at the Waffle House

The holiday season is always a special time for us here at the Waffle House. It is a time when old friends return to say “hello” and order their favourite waffles. We are very privileged to have a large number of very loyal “fans” that return year after year to our beautiful coast and brave the queues to enjoy what they claim to be the “THE best ever waffles” (thanks Esta Schwartz Hilder).

At this time of year, you can expect to see a queue as our guests line up for a table. We thank you for your patience and appreciate your patronage. As one of our faithful customers stated “The waiting list is long and exhausting but the waffles here are 100{8c674b0ee8b94d003a427bab3968b40843e1958c3b1964fd0da1dc9f7b47f066} worth waiting for!! Fabulicious….!! LOVE every bite…every time!!” (we are so glad, Maritza Schepers).

We are fortunate to have a unique glimpse into some of the best moments of people’s holidays, from family and friend reunions to Birthday and Anniversary celebrations and more and we cherish every moment.

We hope you and your family have a really wonderful Festive Season and that the New Year brings with it new opportunities to smile. If you are in the Ramsgate area over this time, do pop in to say “hello,” we would love to get to know you better.