The World's Biggest Waffle

Joar Mortveit, age 23, from Skjold in Southwest Norway is officially tired of waffles.

After a national YMCA scout camp got the idea to make the world’s largest waffle, they asked Joar, who is a sheet metal worker at a local factory, to make what would necessarily have to be the world’s biggest waffle iron in order to facilitate the record attempt.

Joar accepted the challenge and spent the next two weeks designing and building the giant appliance.

The waffle iron, made from steel sheets, weighed a whopping 250 kilos and it took four people to move it. Joar made a couple of initial test runs with the iron before the official attempt, but with limited success.

– “The first batch got burnt because we didn’t use enough waffle mix. The second stuck to the iron because we didn’t use enough butter!”

This made Joar somewhat nervous before the last and official attempt at the scout camp. But everything went well, the waffle turned out perfect and Joar could give a sigh of relief. It took 10 litres of batter and 20 minutes of cooking to make the record-breaking waffle, which measured 98 centimetres across. The event was witnessed by a representative from the police, and an application will be sent to the Guinness Book of Records.

When asked how the result tasted, Joar replied:

– “It tasted a bit different than a normal waffle, but it was quite OK”

Even though Joar gladly admits he is sick of waffles now, he promises that the giant waffle iron will be used again.