Things you didn't know about Waffles

If you thought there wasn’t anything you didn’t know about waffles, you may be surprised to know these interesting facts about our fabulous gold and crispy treats.

Fact 1:

Each country has its own variation on the waffle. From America to Scandinavia, Belgium to Holland, and even Hong Kong, waffle varieties abound. The major difference one notices between these waffles is their shape. The American waffle has a similar deep pattern to the Belgian waffle, but is round. The Belgian waffle is rectangular. The Scandinavian waffle is often made in a flower-shape. The flower is made up of four heart-shaped sections joined together. The Dutch waffle looks more like an enlarged wafer. It is round with a shallow pattern. The Liege waffle is smaller and more organic looking, like a crumpet, it doesn’t have a perfectly round or square shape. The Hong Kong waffle looks like a bunch of little cupcakes joined together. The “cupcakes” are egg or oval shaped.

Fact 2:

The origin of waffles can be traced back to ancient Greece where two metal plates acted as the waffle iron. However, it has been noted that waffles were also made in China. The Chinese waffles used different ingredients and not the eggs and milk we use today.

Fact 3:

In earlier times, waffles didn’t always come with the grid pattern that is common today. Our forefathers were much more creative, choosing to make their waffles with landscape designs and some even including their coat of arms. Anyone for personalized waffles?!

Fact 4:

The inventor of the waffle iron did not like waffles himself! He never knew what he was missing!

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