Fun Activities In and Around Ramsgate

The charming seaside town of Ramsgate KwaZulu Natal is a popular holiday spot for locals and out-of-town visitors. Located on the mouth of the Bilanhlolo River, it is known for its excellent river fishing and deep sea fishing opportunities. Ramsgate
Conservancy’s whale-watching deck and enviro education centre is a great place to catch a glimpse of the magnificent creatures in the waters. With over 300 species of birds sighted, it is a paradise  for avid bird-watchers. Other beach and water sport activities in Ramsgate KwaZulu Natal include wind surfing, kayaking, kite sailing and paddle skiing.

A trip to top attraction Oribi Gorge, which extends across 27 kilometres, is a must. The 400m deep Gorge is actually part of a nature reserve that is home to diverse flora and fauna, a noteworthy native being the graceful Oribi antelope. In and around the Gorge, you can make the most of the hiking trails and picnic spots while there are many view sites from where you can take in wondrous views of the Gorge. You can also plan trips to other attractions like Mpenjati Nature Reserve and Vernon Crookes Game Reserve.

While the town is home to many unique and fun experiences our delicious savoury, sweet and breakfast waffles remain one of the most popular holiday activities amongst visitors young and old.