Interesting Facts about Waffles

Waffles are perhaps one of the most loved tasty treats in the history of mankind but did you know that waffle sellers had a rather difficult time back in the Middle Ages? The waffle first made its appearance in Europe around the 12th century. Waffle sellers usually took to the streets to make their sales. These sellers, or “waferers”, as they were called, were not allowed to sell their mouth-watering waffles just any time they felt like it. They were only allowed to sell their tasty wares to the public on special occasions and religious celebrations.

As if this restriction wasn’t bad enough, there was immense competition in the waffle market at this time with scores of sellers vying to market their own stock. In fact, the competition in the market reached such heights that violent altercations between different sellers become quite a common occurrence.

It was then that the King of France came up with a simple yet effective solution. He decreed that waffle sellers could not come any closer than four meters from any of their competitors!! Of course, how exactly the king’s men ensured that this rule was adhered to is not very clear.

One thing is for sure, waffles still remain a tasty indulgence. If you find your taste buds longing to savor this awesome golden treat, head over to The Waffle House right away.