The Strength of a Woman

August is Women’s month and during this time we look to the amazing women in South Africa and all that they bring to the lives of their families, friends and their places of work.

On 9 August 1956, around 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest against the proposed amendments to the Urban Areas Act. They stood with their children on their backs singing protest songs and this day was forever seen as Women’s Day in SA. Today, the ladies in South Africa are still just as tough and stand up for what they believe in and this strength should be celebrated.

The Waffle House in Ramsgate KZN extends a warm welcome to all ladies in August to give them the chance to kick off their shoes and enjoy a great meal while enjoying the cool breezes of the ocean. It’s the perfect way to spend a day out with the girls or if you want to treat the woman in your life, this is the ideal location.

So here’s to the mothers, the sisters, the co-workers and the grandmothers, you are truly wonderful! Thank the ladies in your life for their love, their support and their comfort this Women’s Month. Book a table today.