We’re Doing the Madiba Jive

Nelson Mandela, a name that will long be remembered by the world and cherished by South Africans. A man that stood for equality and freedom and who gave South Africa its own unique charm, which is exactly why we should all be celebrating Mandela Day on 18 July 2013.

South Africa calls on all individuals to use this day as a chance to take action and make a change in the world, however small or large that might be. Individuals and organisations from all over the country will be doing something for the people in their community or a charity close to their hearts that would make Madiba proud. The Waffle House in KZN will be joining in on the celebrations by offering their hospitality and a place to raise your glasses to a great man.

If you are looking to get involved with your family, friends or work colleagues you can find out about activities in your area or create your own cause on www.mandeladay.com. And when you are done, why not pop around to our restaurant to end the day with warm hearts and warm bellies.