A Celebration of Future Generations

Our children are so vitally important to the future of our world. Their radiant smiles and bright minds should be protected and nurtured in order for them to make their mark on the world in years to come.

20 November 2013 is International Children’s Day. It is a day that promotes international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide. It is a chance for you as an adult to remind children about their rights and place in their country as well as why and how they can celebrate differences between themselves and others. We believe in celebrating all that children bring to our country and invite you and your family to enjoy some good food while your kids interact and play with each other in our kids play area.

Let us come together as a community and ensure that all children are raised in a place of safety, that they understand the meaning of equality and respect and that they know how to take care of their surroundings in order for everyone to enjoy a world and future filled with love, happiness and gratitude.